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Much of our community do not feel they can be a part of the solution. I’m telling you today that together, we can. To me, this means working to build a resilient, transparent, and effective Bridgeport where we will re-energize those who have given up and motivate the voices of those gone unheard for far too long.

We can make real investments in our economic growth, public safety, and education. We can motivate residents, small businesses, nonprofits, and local entrepreneurs by lowering taxes and supporting an environment for long-term growth and sustainability. We can invest in our infrastructure to create sustainable jobs and increase our competitiveness. 

Our policy platform is designed to serve Bridgeport by creating an equitable representation. Our community will inform and motivate our administration and the administration will work tirelessly with our elected officials at both the State and Federal level. Under this leadership, we will generate strong partnerships to create accountability and growth in the largest City in the State of Connecticut. 

This is a commitment to take on our hardest challenges - by strengthening our administrative process and broadening our legislation. Having intimate knowledge of our City’s operations, I can eliminate a major learning curve and get right to work by supporting and motivating our City employees. With a proven history of innovation and leadership, I am ready to bring my private and public sector service experience to this role and be the leader who works for all people.

 This is the time to act with scale and urgency. I carry no agenda other than to bring solutions to our problems. With this opportunity, I can bring forth solutions to maximize the resources of our city. We can build a robust, efficient, and transparent government that directly serves the community. Together, we can bring voice to our community, uplift the oppressed and make sure that every vote is accounted for, respected, and most importantly earned. 


Good Government 

Honesty, integrity, and transparency in City Hall begins at the top. To ensure an accountable and efficient government, our commitment to the City of Bridgeport must go beyond the decades-old practice of budget adjustments and personnel shifts, but rather include structural changes that identify gaps of opportunity, elevate the dignity of work, and advance the well-being of our community. In order to create thoughtful oversight and achieve governance the people can trust, we must end the revolving door of scandal and dysfunction.


The top priorities of the next administration must be to cultivate a culture of efficiency, provide sound fiscal management, and ensure that transparency is of the utmost importance in all management decisions.

Public Safety

Being protected from physical, social and economic harm is a right for every citizen in our community. To deliver public safety through a lens of efficient action and community trust, we must acknowledge the adjustments that are necessary to serve the largest city in the State of Connecticut. It is critical for Bridgeport to support its’ 147,000 residents by improving the overall working conditions of our public safety personnel. In addition, it is imperative to prioritize our ability to serve and have the public safety sector be fully integrated within the Bridgeport community. A top priority of this administration is to provide the best public safety practices possible, while being fiscally responsible with the hard earned tax dollars of our residents.

Economic Growth & Tax Relief

The City of Bridgeport needs NEW leadership that will work to ensure that economic opportunity is inclusive across the city and creates efficiencies that reduce taxes. John Gomes has not only been a strong advocate for community economics but has also been an accomplished business owner bringing a depth of understanding no other candidate can. John has the will and the backbone to end the pay-to-play culture that has dominated city politics and usher in a new era of economic vitality. Diversity in Economic Development is critical to the vibrancy of Bridgeport, and only a Gomes administration is prepared to bring a comprehensive plan that supports business growth and economic opportunities for all.

First-Class Education

As a proud graduate of the Bridgeport public schools, it is important to me to support and invest appropriately in our children's education. Improving the education system in the City of Bridgeport requires excellent and transparent leadership that is committed to providing students with the best possible learning experience. By prioritizing the needs of students and working collaboratively with educators, families, and community leaders, Bridgeport can create a more equitable and effective educational system that prepares students for success in post-graduate education and careers. Through a combination of innovative programs, data-driven decision-making, and a focus on equity and inclusion, Bridgeport can become a model for educational excellence, leading the urban district in the region and beyond. As Mayor, I will personally support community efforts to increase resources and improve programs for all children in Bridgeport.

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