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Meet John Gomes: Official Candidate for Mayor of the City of Bridgeport

Today, John Gomes joined members of the Bridgeport community at Bridgeport City Hall to officially file at the Town Clerk’s office and announce his bid for Mayor in 2023. He was joined by... his family, Bridgeport faith leaders, civic group members, business owners, developers, contractors, members of the Police and Fire Department, as well as current and previous City employees. Most importantly, John was joined by an excited and diverse crowd of Bridgeport residents who call Bridgeport home and want a better Bridgeport for all.

In five different languages; English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Haitian Creole, John delivered remarks to re-energize those that have given up and motivate the voices of those that have gone unheard for too long in the City of Bridgeport.

John Gomes stated, “I have formally filed to build a grass-roots campaign that is powered by the people of Bridgeport. People want better education, fewer taxes, improved quality of life, and leadership in government that will lead with integrity, transparency, and accountability. This is a campaign to finally elect a candidate that will unify the Bridgeport community to reflect what we want for our community. Together, our voices will be heard and we will make a better Bridgeport for us all.”


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